Every blog NEEDS this 1 thing ... an Audience. Figure out who they are with this avatar worksheet!

The 1 Thing Every Blog Needs

I have wanted to be a “writer” since I was a little girl. I had a huge folder full of “Chapter 1” beginnings by the time I was a teenager. I wrote for the school newspaper and the yearbook, I wrote poetry, and songs.
I wrote because I had a lot to say, and I mostly didn’t care who read it.

That changed when I started my first blog back in the late ‘90’s. In the beginning, I mostly wrote for my mom and other family and friends that wanted to know what new crochet project I was working on, or what my kids did that week in school.

I knew my audience, and I wrote for them.

Fast forward to a few years ago, when I changed my focus to writing for a broader audience than just my family. I struggled with knowing what to say to “Everyone,” since that was who I hoped would read my articles.

What I didn’t realize is that I wasn’t writing for everyone. I was writing for one … and that’s where your avatar comes in!

What is an Avatar?

An avatar is a characterization of the person that is your audience. She has a name, a story, hopes, and challenges. She is alive, waiting for you to get to know her.

Your avatar will change the way you write by narrowing your focus on who you’re writing to. In order for you to give her what she wants to read, you have to know who she is.

How Do You Use an Avatar?

With my favorite program (Microsoft Publisher), I combined Jennifer’s picture and attributes so I can refer to her anytime I need inspiration.

I look at the challenges she faces, the joys she has, the way she spends her free time.

Each bit of information is meant to give me more insight into the way she thinks, so I can fine tune my articles.

If I’m writing TO HER, then she’ll WANT to read it!

In fact, in my head as I’m typing, I’m thinking of Jennifer and how she’ll take the information I’m providing and run with it!

How Do You Make an Avatar?

I started with a picture of my avatar. I named her Jennifer, and I created her picture at www.avatarmaker.com for free!

Once I knew what she looked like, I started compiling facts about her.

What is her age, education, job, family situation? What does she like to do? What challenges does she face?

The best blog posts solve a problem your readers have, and by knowing what her challenges are, you know where to focus your writing.

Grab your free Avatar Worksheet and get to know YOUR reader!

Once you’ve finished your worksheet, take a look at what you have. That person is the ONE that you are writing to. Your content should be directed at her, and should be something that she would want to read and share with all her friends!

Take a look at the challenges she’s facing, the things she likes to do, the people in her family. All of these things are potential fodder for blog posts! 

Change as Needed

Your avatar is who you’re writing to right now. Over the course of time, your avatar, like you, will change. She will mature, her family will get older, her interests may change. 

Make sure that you keep your avatar worksheet handy so that you can refer to it often, and tweak it as necessary! 

She’ll thank you for it.

I’d love to know how you did! Was the worksheet helpful? What’s your avatar’s name? Comment below, let’s do this thing together!

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