Creating Blog Graphics is vital to the success of any blog. Here are 6 blog graphic examples that rock!

6 Blog Graphic Examples that Rock!

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Whether you call them “Pinnable Images”, “Cover Graphics”, or “Blog Covers”, the images on your blog that people are able to pin are indispensable. These images are just as important as creating an avatar. It’s nice to have pretty pictures in your articles, but if you don’t have a “Pinnable Image”, it won’t get as much sharing action. Here are some tips and blog graphic examples to get your creative juices flowing.

What is a “Pinnable Image”?

A pinnable image is a vertical image with graphic elements such as color, images, words, backgrounds, and a logo or watermark. It doesn’t need to have every one of these elements in every pin, but a mixture of them is crucial.

Your image must have words that tell the reader exactly what they can expect when they click on your pin. Words help you connect with your reader and make them want to pin the cover pages of your articles. If you want to get seen on Pinterest, you have to get pinned!

I use Microsoft Publisher to create my Pinnable Images. I have a free Beginners Guide that shows you, step by step, how I do it, delivered straight to your inbox.  Simply sign up here. Also, you can check out my Year-End Signature book that I made for the kids in Publisher.

Blog Graphic Examples

The Beginners Guide to Creating Amazing Blog Graphics in Microsoft Publisher! This guide makes it easy.

Why do I need color?

Color draws the reader in because it stands out from the crowd. Check out Pinterest. Look at what pops out to you. I bet they have strategically placed hits of color to draw your eye to. Many brands stick to a few consistent colors. I get bored easily, so I have constant fonts and black and white, but add a color that matches an element in my images. Choose what works best for you and your brand.

Creating Blog Graphics is vital to the success of any blog. Here are 6 blog graphic examples that rock!

Why do I need images?

90% of my cover graphics have images. It is rare for me to post something that doesn’t. To me, the image conveys just as much information as the words do. You have options when it comes to getting images. You can take your own, hire someone else to take them, or get stock photos.

When you take or hire out your own pictures, you can be as creative and original as you like, and you can guarantee that no one else’s pages will look like yours. Food bloggers are BIG on this!

When it comes to stock photos, there are options there as well. You can choose free or paid, general stock or styled. There is a lot of variety for the taking. My favorite site for all of these is Ivory Mix. They offer freebies and paid options for stock photos, as well as guides and courses to help you along.


Why do I need words?

The words tell the story. They tell your reader what to expect from the article that you want them to read. People are more likely to click on a graphic that includes text than one that doesn’t. You can add the title of your article, a tagline, additional information, anything quick and easy to read so that your pin gets clicked.

The Beginners Guide to Creating Amazing Blog Graphics in Microsoft Publisher! This guide makes it easy.


Why do I need backgrounds?

Well, you don’t. Not always. Sometimes you can use an image to cover your entire white space, but other times you may want to use a color background. One instance is when you want just your words to stand out, with no distraction of an image. Another instance is when you want to showcase your photo on a smaller scale, but still want color in surrounding it. In this case, you would choose a background color and place the image “on top” of it.


Why do I need a logo?

A logo brands your work. If you don’t want your work “borrowed” by other bloggers, you should add a logo or watermark to your graphics. This can be as simple or elaborate as you like. My current one is just my web address in one of my favorite fonts. I’ve also had a regular logo designed by a graphic artist at Fiverr. It was awesome and came in regular white boxed and translucent white and black. I love that I had the versatility that provided.


Getting it all together.

Bringing these bits together make for a much more clickable, Pinnable cover graphic.

Remember, if you need a step by step guide on how to put these elements together in Microsoft Publisher, sign up with my newsletter tribe and get it sent straight to your inbox.


What are some of your favorite cover designs? What do you use to create your graphics?

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