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A Slob Comes Clean & Applying The Visibility Rule

Listening to Podcasts are kinda new for me. I had read Dana White’s blog A Slob Comes Clean off and on for a few years, and have really loved her writing and information. Recently I was reading this post about the Visibility Rule and there is a link to her Podcast there. Now that I am doing an hour of physical therapy three times a week, I have time to listen to something useful. I tried a couple blogging podcasts but I wasn’t impressed, so I moved on.

Enter: A Slob Comes Clean, the Podcast!

Dana’s Podcasts are about 30 minutes each, and I can listen to 2 of them each workout day. I’m on day 4, and I am thoroughly enjoying her perspective on “cleaning”. I have struggled with “Slobvision” for longer than I have struggled with depression. My life was/is hers in so many ways! She tells her Slob Story in a funny, yet honest, way and it helps me so much because I know it’s not just me.

One of my favorite pieces of advice from Dana so far is to tackle what you see first. She calls it “The Visibility Rule.”

It may feel good to declutter a junk drawer just so you can say you started And Finished a project, but you shut the drawer and it makes no visual difference in your home. Instead of spending that 15 minutes on a hidden drawer, declutter something you see instead.

Clean the Messy Dresser!
Why have I let SO much stuff accumulate on my dresser? Slob Vision, that’s why.

For me, it is my dresser. Right now on my dresser is our safe (necessary, but REALLY needs another home), most of my jewelry boxes, unused computer monitor, bits of mail, store coupons,  a cutie little box to hold a few special things like my Mom and Grandmother’s ashes, lotion bottles, rubber bands, unmatched socks, a pair of the 12-year-olds jeans that need mending, and assorted other stuff that gets in the way and creates visual chaos in my bedroom, a places that is supposed to be my sanctuary.

Big Stuff First

First things first. If there is something big or obvious in the space that doesn’t need to be – empty boxes, dirty cups, trash. For me, that was figuring out a new home for the safe and move it. Well, get Hubby Dave to move it for me… That thing is HEAVY!

Getting rid of the big and obvious things does a couple things. It doesn’t take any thought – you KNOW the empty boxes go in the recycle, you KNOW the dirty cup goes in the sink, and you KNOW that the trash goes in the can. You don’t have to think about it, you can just do it. Moving that safe and throwing away the empty candy boxes helped make a Visual difference with zero mental effort. It was Easy to do this part.

Make Decisions

This is the harder part for me. After our house fire, I find myself hanging on to “stuff” longer thank I used to. I need to make really hard decisions to get rid of things that are broken, I don’t use, don’t fit, I don’t like, or I have a million of.

Making decluttering decisions is hard for a lot of people, and many blogs give a ton of different pieces of advice to do this hardest part. 10 questions, did I use it in a specific time frame, and on and on. Find a method that works for you.

For me, if I have to ask, I only keep it if it has sentimental value. As it applies to my dresser, it was pretty clear what I Wanted to stay – my lotions, probably my jewelry boxes, definitely Mom and Grandma, and maybe socks.

Do I really need unmatched socks on my dresser? No. However, since I fold laundry on my bed it makes sense to keep them close. Maybe I can find a cute way to hide them?

Follow Through

Unfilled mail – filed. Empty candy containers – trashed. Store ads from January (really?) – trashed. Folded wash cloth, unmailed package, empty water bottle – gone, gone, GONE.

I got rid of the jeans because they are beyond my capabilities to repair, and I don’t need it sitting there waiting on me to get a brand new skill set. Choose your battles, folks!

Make sure you clear off the entire space so that the stuff that is stays neat, and the stuff that is going gets gone.

Clean it Up!

After the space is clear, clean it. Don’t skimp – move the stuff and clean the whole surface. Once the canvas is blank and clean, put back what you’re keeping. Make it pretty, take a minute to arrange it nicely, and in a way that makes sense!

Once the big stuff is gone, the decisions are made, follow through is finished, and it’s all cleaned up… sit back and enjoy your handiwork. You made this beautiful space beautiful again.

Now, isn’t that so much more rewarding, and encouraging, than decluttering the junk drawer?

What space in your home irritates you the most? Clean it up, make it nice, it will be SO worth it.

Please feel free to share your spaces on the facebook page!

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