Keep your mattress covered… Or else!

I’m a big proponent of life-hacks. I have found So. Many. Examples. of things to do in everyday life that make it so much easier! I get really excited when I trip into a brilliant idea that I consider a life-hack. This post is about one of them! Storing mattress protector info inside the mattress! I know… right! Makes perfect sense.

The story goes like this. Dave and I just bought a new mattress from Famous Tate. It was the floor model, deeply discounted, but finally something comfortable and not handed down since our house fire in August.

I really liked our sales guy, and he managed free shipping even though we fell about $70 short of the free shipping amount.

One of the things we got with our mattress was a protector for about $80. $80 for a protector was not on my radar, and because I am rather frugal… I was a hard sell. However, we did buy it, and I’ll tell you why.

-If you don’t like your mattress within 30 days, you can return it. But, only if you use the mattress protector!

-If your mattress stains/ rips/ sags/ breaks within 10 years they will replace. But, only if you use the mattress protector!

-If you bought the mattress protector, you could mail away for a free (plus shipping) health tracker watch.

The general public may not read all the fine print in the instructions, but I did because I’m weird like that. You can only get a replacement mattress IF you use the protector constantly AND you have the original packaging AND the original receipt. The protector people probably don’t have to replace a lot of mattresses because folks just don’t keep this stuff. Who has the space, or even forethought to keep it!

I would imagine a lot of people thinking 6-7-8 years down the line “Hey Betty, our bed is saggy, and do these edges seem worn to you? Didn’t we get a warranty from that nice sales guy? I wonder how we get our new mattress, anyway?” “You know, Jim, I think you’re right. Young whats-his-name got us that nice health tracker, too. I guess I probably threw that mattress receipt away years ago.”


mattress paperwork is important to keep.
keep your paperwork together and safe – just in case.

Don’t be like Betty and Jim!

Save your stuff in the one place that totally makes sense. Between the mattress and the box spring. Unless you’re like the Princess (with the pea), you’ll never know it’s there. It’ll be safe from little, nosy, prying hands (why are we using my hospital discharge paperwork as math scratch paper? OOOH, because it was on my desk in the “to be filed” pile. Gotcha.), and should you need it, the information on how to redeem, who to call, and your proof of purchase- all zipped up in a nice plastic cocoon.


Inter-mattress hiding place
Keeping the mattress stuff in the mattress makes perfect sense!

A lot of people put some strange stuff under mattresses. Money, bodies, inappropriate magazines. Use your under-mattress space for good.

You’re welcome and good night!

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