It's hard to figure out what to do when you don't know where you want to go. Figuring out a 5-year is key! Here are some tips to follow.

Dreams Ain’t Nothin’, ‘Til You Write Them Down

It's hard to figure out what to do when you don't know where you want to go. Figuring out a 5-year plan is key! Here are some tips to follow to get to your dreams.

Have you ever been so far backwards in life that you forget your day dreams? You don’t have any goals set because even the smallest ones seem unrealistic?

That’s where we were yesterday. Today, we have tax money and a plan.

Dave and I sat down to talk about what to do with the money that came in from taxes. We paid back family members that we borrowed from to make it until now, but once that was done, we still had some left over.

That is some good news!

We also have a couple law suits coming up in which we stand to make some substantial money. I am also still PATIENTLY waiting for disability to kick in so I can contribute to the family.

We are seemingly less than a year from being financially stable, and can work towards making the daydreams that we used to have come true.

Then, Dave and I have a conversation about what we wanted to accomplish over the next year, next 5 years, and next 10 years. We included the kids in some of the conversation, since they would be affected, too.

Our Dream

We talked about moving out of the city, teaching the kids to be self-reliant, getting our home to be somewhat self-sustainable.

We’ve had chickens and rabbits in the past, for eggs and selling (not for eating), and we talked about wanting to go back to that and expanding our animal herd.

The kids talked about wanting horses… I told them it’s much better to have FRIENDS with horses than horses themselves!

We talked about getting a milk cow, a couple goats, maybe some pigs.

But that is all just talk… pipe dreams. Nothing. In order to convert those dreams into plans, you HAVE to write them down!

Statistics (From Forbes) show that if you write down your goals and action steps, you are 80% more likely to reach them. Or at least try to reach them!

Get a Notebook

When we started this conversation about the 5-year plan, I bugged him to no end. I was like a dog with a bone, and I just would not let it go. I got a 5-subject binder and started writing stuff down.

We did research about homesteading, where to find property, how to plant a good garden, how to raise livestock. It was eye opening, and terrifying, and absolutely exciting!

We went on Craigslist, found a couple rabbits for sale, and decided to start there. When we went to pick them up, the lady that was selling them had the most beautiful homestead. Horses, pigs, chickens, sheep, and yes, rabbits, were happy and healthy all around her farm.

I felt like I had won the Pick-a-brain lottery, because she let me ask her questions about homesteading and how to get started. It was awesome!

Learn what you can

I am trying to learn from as many different sources as I can. There are so many great blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts out there, and I am just immersing myself into them.

I started this website so that I can share the trials and successes of first time homesteaders, and I am looking forward to sharing that journey with you.

Finally, get some accountability

Connect with at least one other person that knows what your dreams and goals are and will be your cheerleader when you need one.

For me, this is my Husband. We have come up with this hair-brained scheme to move out to the country and start raising our family with more traditional values. We can do this!

What are your goals? Have you made a 5-year plan? Pinterest is full of ways to create one with tons of cute printables to help with brain mapping.


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