8 Tips to Get Rid of Writers Block, for bloggers!

8 Tips to Get Rid of Writers Block

8 Tips to Get Rid of Writers Block, for bloggers!

Writer’s Block

As a blogger, I’m no stranger to writer’s block. I’d just sit there staring at a blank screen, with the cursor just laughing at me.

In order to get inspiration, I’d browse Pinterest, read other blogs, and listen to podcasts. Sometimes it worked, other times … not so much!

So, I’ve come up with a list of things that help me combat writer’s block.

Don’t Write

There are a million and one things that a blogger can do that is not writing. Edit upcoming posts, go on a social media blitz with your favorite posts, and reviewing monthly stats are examples.


Sometimes inspiration can be found in your own blog. Go back to posts that haven’t done very well,  stat-wise, and rewrite it, tweak it, work on the SEO, change up the graphics. Do anything to make it better.

Brainstorm Awesome Titles

I read this list of blog title ideas (190+ Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles) and came up with 7 in just 20 minutes. I love using these high-converting title ideas as a jumping off point. (PS: This was one of those ideas!)

Do the graphics first

After I came up with the 7 titles, I did the cover graphics. As I was designing it (using Publisher, my favorite for creating graphics), I was thinking of talking points for the article. It worked better than I could have imagined, and the posts kind of worked themselves out.


Give yourself 5 minutes and a topic (not necessarily blog-related) and just write whatever comes to mind. It can be a list, a jumble of sentences, anything. Just write. Doing this can get the creative juices flowing and clear out the writing cobwebs.

Do a Keyword Search

Google is an awesome resource, and it can actually help you come up with ideas. Go to the Keyword Planner and enter one of your niche categories. Take a peek at what people are searching for and let that be your guide. This tool can turn a search for “Marriage” into “The 7-Day Marriage Challenge.”

Do A Round Up Post

As a reader, I love these types of posts because it lets me discover new blogs. Pick something in your niche and gather together a bunch of blog posts or websites to reflect whatever topic you choose. I did a cool one on Freezer Meals and it was easy to write since I was talking about what I love and other people and blogs.

This journal is the perfect way to keep track of your writing ideas and brainstorming sessions. Bucketfulofjoy.com

Keep a Journal

As ideas come to you at weird times (car rides for me), jot them down with as many details as you can. Then, refer back to this journal when you need some new ideas. This is one of my favorite ones!

I hope that these ideas help you break out of your funk. I know it can be so frustrating, especially when you are intentional about making time to write.

I’d love to hear how it goes when you try these out. Drop a note in the comments and let me know.

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  1. Excellent tips to keep people writing. Sometimes you just gotta write anything to get started. It can definitely be hard sometimes because bloggers are expected to post articles several times a week and you don’t want to just publish random things. I think this list is a great resource for bloggers and anyone who writes regularly.

  2. I actually started a blog journal just the other day, in which I collect thoughts for individual posts. Somehow it’s so much easier to think clearly with pen and paper! 🙂
    Thank you for the tips!

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