The interwebs are full of awesome and awesomly awful things. Here are 7 of my favorite freebies that you can get online!

Sunday 7 ~ Favorite Online Freebies

The interwebs are full of awesome and awesomly awful things. Here are 7 of my favorite online freebies that you can get online!

Sunday 7


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Every Sunday (except during April), I bring you 7 of my favorite things. My goal is to share a little about me, and hopefully you will chime in with your 7, too!

Today’s Sunday 7 are my:

7 Favorite Online Freebies

There are so many resources available online. Some of my favorite online freebies are printables! I love being able to organize my day/pantry/cleaning schedule/desk/closet/life with just a click of the Print button.

As with anything in life, there are good and bad examples of printables. I am highlighting some of my very favorite online freebies printables. These aren’t in any particular order, but I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. If you’d like to see the other printables I love, head over to my Pinterest Printable board!

Now, on with the list.


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  1. Rosemarie at is pretty much my hero. She gives amazing budgeting (and blogging) advice, and seems to be a genuinely nice person. She offers a free Ultimate Money Saving Workbook if you sign up for her newsletter. I’d sign up for her newsletter without the workbook… but that is really an amazing and creative guide to saving money.
  2. Laura at is so kind and really does make a new girl to the blogging world feel among friends. Laura creates the most beautiful planners! She also has a bunch of free printables on her site. My favorite – The 31 Days of Free Printables.  Chore charts and blog trackers – inspiring and super helpful!
  3. Khaye-Mydette from has created the chic & stylish 2016 planner. It has so many thoughtful pages and categories. I also love that it is beautiful and simplistic.
  4. Ruth at www.livingwellspendingless is such a rock star in the lifestyle AND blogging world. Her Elite Blog Academy is teaching me SOOOO much, I love it!! However, for the non-bloggers, she offers a Goal Setting Workbook. You really get a big picture idea of what you want to accomplish, so that you can actually DO it! (If you go to her homepage, click subscribe, it leads you to the workbook.)
  5. Susan at has amazing content! My favorite area of her site are the Behavior Charts & Training Tools. There are a whole whack of printables that are so helpful, useful, and clever. OH… and FREE!
  6. offers one of the best blog planners I’ve found so far. It has great categories and it is very intuitive to use.
  7. Kayla over at is one of the most talented flatscape photographers I’ve seen. Her FREE stock photos are the perfect framework to any cover page. I love love love her work, and you will too.

There you are, today’s Sunday 7 ~ My Favorite Online Freebies!

Mother’s Day

I have gone nearly 8 months without my mom. This is the first mothers day without her, and as sad as it is, I’m glad my home will be childless for most of the day. I have spent a great couple days with my boys, and come Monday, it’ll be back to the grind with Dave’s kids.

My plan for the day is to reflect on how I was raised, how I raised my boys, and how I am raising Dave’s 5. They are all very different from each other, these 3 parenting styles. My goal is to try to center myself and come up with a parenting plan that will help me be the best parent/step-parent that I can, and model the behavior I expect to see from them.

I’m sure there will be smiles, tears, laughter, and silence as I work through my emotions. Wish me luck!

To all the Mommies out there, You’re amazing. You do amazing work. You are raising amazing kids. You deserve a pat on the back and a cupcake with sprinkles.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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