Being Thankful for the Hard times is tough. Use this free printable to find your thankfulness!

Why I’m Thankful for Hard Times

Have you found yourself coming to this Thanksgiving with seemingly nothing to be thankful for? Life has been tough and the silver lining is difficult to find through the dark clouds. This is how I’ve learned to be Thankful for Hard Times.

This year since last Thanksgiving has been like that for us. The passing of my husband’s father right before Christmas last year has set the tone.

We’ve had work, financial, health, and family challenges that we’ve had to struggle through, and those struggles continue today. We’ve lost family members; it’s been a tough year.

However, we must be grateful in all things. One of my favorite verses is, “O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; for his mercy endures forever.”

This helps me put things in perspective, and look for the good in the trials and be thankful for hard times.

Thankful for Hard Times

We lost 2 amazing men, but I am thankful that our family was blessed with 2 amazing babies.

My husband’s doctor made him stop driving a tow truck, but I am thankful that he found another job making more money.

I had a little skin cancer, but I am thankful that it was the “good” kind and we caught it early.

I had my diagnosis of Bi-Polar, but I am thankful that now I have meds to help me cope better.

The kids have been very trying, but I am thankful that it has taught me some patience.

The Thankful List

Being thankful for hard times is tough. Use this free printable to find your thankfulness! Grab the .pdf: thankful list

See what I mean? There really is some good in every struggle. The hard times we go through are preparing us for the path we will lead, for the life that we want.

I’ve created a printable to help you find what you’re thankful for in 4different areas: Home, Family, Work, and Everything Else.

I love listing out these things so that I can thank God for the blessings He’s given us, even if they come along with hard times.

Menu Plan Monday (on Sunday)

I like to post my meal plan each week, and share it at I’m an Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday site. It’s great fun to share with them, and to see what other folks are sharing, too.

Monday: Sausage and Cheesy Potatoes

Tuesday: Pork Chops, Rice, Gravy

Wednesday: Tortellini Bake in the Crock Pot

Thursday: Thanksgiving Dinner – turkey

Friday: Turkey pot pie

Saturday: Turkey Corn Chowda

Sunday: steak and baked potatoes

Reader Survey

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Thank you!


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