The last 8 days

I have had a heck of a week, and it’s not quite over yet. 

We lost internet about a week ago, with none on the horizon until Wednesday. Blogging is sketchy with no internet- no pretty graphics and all that.

Also, oral surgery to take out some teeth- still hurts from Wednesday!

However, it hasn’t been ALL bad! First, I published a book!!  Today, I even sold one for real money, so I’m kinda over the moon. ( ahem.)

I also got a new-to-me laptop with Photoshop and I am stupid excited to get started learning that behemoth! 

It is also officially 3 weeks until school starts back up, and my summer plans kinda went to crap when Dave got a job and left me carless. Thank goodness for Edu-Boxes! 

In other, non-related news, my kid started playing Pokemon again, and I’ve jumped on my own bandwagon! 

I know – I’m a dork. I’m ok with that! 

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